Curiosity Untamed!

Do you ever have moments when you think, "Uh-oh, what's next?" Maybe your kids soak up learning faster than you can plan lessons or meetings. You wonder how to cover badge requirements in a fun and efficient manner. You just wish for ways to keep things fresh. Curiosity Untamed has your back. We’ve consolidated all our links and resources from both Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs for everything from pre-planned meetings to ceremonies into one location. Search our blog posts by category to find just what you are looking for or visit our forum to ask for advice and ideas from other leaders and parents from around the country.

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     Frontier Girls is a scout like curriculum that promotes a life skills, knowledge, character, leadership and teamwork.  With over 1,000 badges to earn there is something for everyone.


     Quest is an educational incentive program that uses badges and awards to encourage a love of learning.  Perfect for clubs, classrooms or homeschool!


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