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Activity Patches

Not everything you do through Quest or Frontier Girls requires the effort needed to earn a badge. Sometimes your group may do an activity just for fun. For those events, wearing an activity patch on the back of your vest will allow you to remember the activity without putting forth the effort of actually completing all the badge requirements. For example, maybe your group wants to go bowling, but they really don’t care about the history of bowling, proper form, etc. You could get a bowling patch to wear on the back of your vest instead of earning a badge for the front.

There are a variety of great online patch store that sell patches for just about any occasion. The links below will take you away from the Curiosity Untamed website and to third party websites that sells patches. We do not receive any referral fees if you purchase from these stores and offer these links simply as a resource. If you can’t find what you are looking for in one store, try one of the others. Between them, they have a patch for just about everything.

Joycrest –

Joycrest has a HUGE assortment of patches. At the time this article was written, most patches sell for about $.85 each.

Patchwork Designs –

Patchwork Designs carries a lot of unique patches along with some amazing free resources for working on a wide variety of badges, especially if you are working on state or country badges. Their patches range from $1.00 – $1.85.

Snappy Logos –

Snappy Logos has a weekly $.55 sale that is worth keeping an eye on if you are looking for activity patches as they have some of the cheapest we have found. Most patches on their site sell for $.74.

Advantage Emblem –

Advantage Emblem patches start at around $1.69 each, but they offer quantity discounts if you order 25 or more.

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