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Anti-Bullying/Kindness Activity

This a visual exercise to help kids see the lasting harm of bullying.

Supplies needed:

Paper Doll 


Create a paper doll of your choice.  Give your doll a name and introduce her to your group.  First say something nice about her such as she has pretty eyes.  Then say something mean about her such as she is stupid. Every time someone says something mean to your doll, tear off a piece of her, such as her foot.  Have each girl say one thing that is nice about her, and one thing that isn’t.  Each time a negative thing is said, tear off another piece. Once each girl has had a turn, tell them that now that they have torn her apart, they must apologize and put her back together again. Using tape, put your doll back together.  When the doll is in one piece again, discuss how even when we say we are sorry, there are still scars that can never be healed.  When we bully someone or say mean things to them, you can never fully take them back.  The damage has been done.  Just because we can’t see the scars we leave on others does not mean they are not there.


Below are some free downloadable paper doll templates.  These are from a third party website and you will be leaving the Curiosity Untamed site.  Use at your own risk.


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