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Apple Ideas

Working on the Apples Badge?

Here are a few fun ways to learn about apples.

  • Make candle holders out of apples. Cut a circle the diameter of a small tea light candle and about 1/2 deep out of the top of an apple. Place the candle in the apple and light. Use a variety of different colored apple candle holders for a beautiful center piece this fall. (Do this only with older girls who have had knife safety training.)
  • Make apple stamp note cards by cutting an apple in half, dipping it in paint and stamping it on a folded piece of cardstock. Add a short inspirational quote and tie a stack of cards and envelopes with raffia ribbon for a nice gift.
  • Make shrunken apple heads by peeling an apple, and carving a face into it. Make sure to make the facial features large enough that they do not disappear when the apple dries. Soak the carved apple in a solution of 1 cup lemon juice and 1 TBS salt for 30 seconds. Put your apple in a dry spot for several days until the head is shriveled and shrunken. (This is a great project for older girls working on their pocket knife badges as well.)
  • Make apple cupcakes. Make cupcakes using any apple muffin recipe. Make sure to fill the cups almost full so that your cupcake/muffin has a rounded top. Frost with cream cheese frosting tinted red or green. Use a small pretzel stick for the stem and cut a green leaf out of a green fruit roll, and you have cupcake apples. Have a baking party and make a variety of apple recipes. Examples might include apple muffins or quick bread, hot apple cider, baked apples, or traditional Waldorf salad.


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