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Learn About Scrabble – Unit Study and Badge Resource

Great for practicing vocabulary and spelling, Scrabble is a game that can be found in most American households. This game teaches strategy, re-enforces basic math skills, and those cute little tiles can be used for a variety of activities and crafts. The following unit study provides a variety of lesson plans for earning your Scrabble badge and learning more about this iconic game.

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5 Things to Learn About Pets

According to the CDC, there are many health benefits of owning a pet. “They can increase opportunities to exercise, get outside, and socialize. Regular walking or playing with pets can

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Learn the Art of Calligraphy

Learn the Art of Calligraphy The term calligraphy comes from the Greek ‘Kallos’ meaning beauty and ‘Graphein’ which means to write. The history of calligraphy dates back thousands of years,

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learn about herbs

Learn About Herbs

What Is an Herb? What is an herb and how does it differ from a spice? Learn about herbs and earn your Herbs badge to find out. Several of the

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