Club Memberships

Our scouting style clubs, Frontier Girls or Quest Clubs, are a great alternative to traditional scouting programs. They offer the structure and friendship of a scouting style program, but have unlimited badges, a wide variety of higher awards, and the flexibility to design the club to fit the needs of your group.

Frontier Girls is a girls only scouting style program offered as an alternative to Girl Scouts with troops all over the United States as well as in several other countries.

Frontier Girls is a structured program with a set uniform, promise and creed. The program uses Curiosity Untamed badges and awards and focuses on life skills, community service and patriotism.

Frontier Girls troops are run as part of the youth programming of local non-profits such a churches, schools, and veterans organizations. All fundraising is done at the troop level and the troop keeps 100% of any money earned.

Stay in touch with other Frontier Girls troops and indiviidual members with our Frontier Girls Forum Facebook group. Work with other troops via online platforms like Zoom or get together with other local trops in your area.

Clubs can be all boys, all girls, or co-ed club. How you structure your club is up to you. All kids are welcome.

Include all ages or just a single age group. The Quest program is designed so that all ages can participate in a single club, but you can choose to limit your club to a specific age group if you wish.

Name your club whatever you want. Use the Quest name, or choose a name that is all your own.

Design your own uniform. While we offer suggestions as to how to structure a club uniform, you are free to design your own, or have none at all. Vests can be ordered in up to 20 different colors through our shop.

Stay in touch with other clubs. Join our Quest Clubs Forum Facebook group and stay in touch with other clubs around the country. This is also a great place to share ideas and ask questions.

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