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Creed/Code of Conduct Flip Book

Creed/Code of Conduct Flip Book

by  Leanne Scholle, leader of Troop #172 in Baltimore, MD


Have your members make simple picture flip books to help them learn the meaning of the parts of the Frontier Girls Creed or the Quest Code of Conduct.


For Each member You will need:
10 pieces of 4″ x 4″ cardstock   (one for each of the nine character traits and a title page)
1 printout of each phrase of Creed/Code of Conduct on 3.75″ x 3.75″ paper
1 printout of the Frontier Girls or Quest Logo on 3.75″ x 3.75″ paper
2 binder rings
hole punch

Decorate each piece of cardstock as follows:

Title Page –
Love: we used a heart drawn with a magic marker and the kids colored it in with red bingo stammers (Foam shapes from the dollar store make great stencils)
Joy: smile face colored in with highlighter
Peace: dove cut out from a dollar store. cut out glued, using glitter to outline the dove
Patient:  shape of a stop sign and added numbers to make it look like a clock used a brad to add hands
Kind:  hand print of the kids they used white paint on green paper for us but you can use what you like and it stands for kindness because you’re willing to give a hand to others
Good:  Angel cut out from the dollar store and then litter glue to give the angel a Halo
Faithful:  cut out of a cross or other religious symbol to stand for faithfulness.  If you have a non-religious group, use a symbol of the world or of people.
Gentle:  butterfly cut out from the dollar store and then used  different star stickers to make symmetrical wings. gentleness made us think of butterflies
Self control:  We used an outline of lips that the girls colored because self-control had us thinking of what you say
On the backside of each page in the book glue a computer printout of that phrase of the Creed/Code of Conduct so that members can look at the picture and then look up and see the backside of the previous page and see those words written out as well.  When everything is dry, punch two holes on each piece of cardstock and link together with binder rings.
Alternate activity for older kids:
Use 9 white bathroom tiles available at any hardware or Home Depot for like $0.50 each and use black acrylic paint to outline the symbols/shapes from the creed (heart, smile face, dove, clock, handprint, angel, cross, butterfly, lips) Then paint and decorate those shapes so that all nine tiles are colored. Then line them up and frame them with quarter round trim to make a plaque.


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