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If you are working on your Costume Design Badge through either the Frontier Girls or Quest Program or just looking to ideas to create costumes for a theater production or costume part, continue reading for all sorts of ideas and information.


Up Cycled Costumes

Need a simple skirt for a costume? Why not re-purpose an old men’s shirt with this quick and simple no sew skirt from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.   The basic concept and instructions can be adapted to create a wide variety of skirts from  all sorts of shirts.

You can also use an old pair of pants to create this amazing witch hat on Instrucables.  With a little adaptation you could use a similar method to create an elf hat or old fashion night cap.

Need a top hat?  Instructables has an easy pattern to make one out of cardboard and a bit of paint.  Like the items above, the pattern is easily adaptable to make a wide variety of flat topped hats from boating hats for a gondolier to a wide sunbonnet for a southern belle.  Just adjust the width of the brim and the height of the hat.

Paper bags are another quick and inexpensive source of costumes.  Hative  has some great inspiration on how to turn  a simple paper bag into a unique costume.

About Family Crafts has a list of 18 different costumes that are quick and easy to make out of simple pillow case.

I love these no sew ideas from Smart Money Mamas.  While they are designed for kids, they would be just as easy to make for adults and most use old sweatshirts with a bit of felt.



What about wigs?  Hair is an important part of any character you are trying to portray, but wigs can get expensive.   Here is a simple how to video to create your own easy DIY yarn wig from You Go Gurl.



Heading back in time?  What about cotton ball wig for George Washington or other founding fathers? Deceptively Educational has a quick and easy pattern with step by step instructions.


Make Up

Costume design is more than just clothing. Make up can be an integral part of a costume. Check out these great resources for learning a variety of make up and face painting techniques.
Here is a simple recipe for homemade face paint:
Face Painting Techniques for Beginners:
Wide variety of face paint ideas for costumes


Let’s make masks! Many costumes require a mask to make them truly come to life. Whether it is a feathered masquerade mask or the face of a T-Rex a mask transforms the wearer into something else entirely. Try making your own mask today.
I love this tutorial from The Surprisaholic on how to make a TRex mask as the technique could be used to make a wide variety of masks.

Travel Through Time or Around the World

Take a walk through time and create a costume from another time period. Will you be knight in shining armor? A pioneer? A medieval princess? has a bunch of great ideas from Rosie the Riveter to Benjamin Franklin.
Every country around the world has costumes specific to their culture. Explore traditional costumes from around the world and compare their similarities and differences using the online gallery at All Womens Talk.

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