LEADER:  ”Welcome to our Investiture and Rededication ceremony.  Flowers have always played an important part in human life. From the earliest times they have been given as signs of love and respect and have been used in ceremonies of all types. The flowers in this ceremony represent the nine parts of the Quest Moral Code (or Frontier Girls Creed).

[Have children pass out flowers to family members as they are read.)

READER:  As a member of Quest (Frontier Girls),

I will be loving, treating others as I would like to be treated.  The red rose symbolizes this love.

I will be Joyful, finding the blessings in every situation.  The red daisy symbolizes joy in all things.

I will be Peaceful, respecting others opinions and beliefs.  Winter Greens symbolize the harmony we try to keep between ourselves and others.

I will be Patient, persevering toward my goals despite obstacles.  The Indian paintbrush shows cheerfulness even in difficulty.

I will be Kind, respectful to all and willing to help others at all times.  The zinnia represents thoughtfulness about friends

I will be Good, pure in all I do, think and say.    The white daisy symbolizes innocence and truth.

I will be Faithful to my God and loyal to family, friends, and country.  The dandelion  represents faithfulness.

I will be Gentle, taking special care of those weaker or less fortunate than I.   Baby’s breath shows generosity and thoughtfulness toward others

I will have Self Control, using my time, materials, and talents wisely, and being accountable for my own actions.  The gladiola symbolizes strength of character, maturity, and responsibility


(Other flowers may be used in this ceremony.  For a list of flower meanings you can visit the following websites:


Investiture/Rededication Oaths

Club Members
As a member of Quest
I promise to do my best
To live according to the Quest moral code
Both at our meetings
And in my everyday life.

Patrol Leaders
As a patrol leader I promise
To lead my patrol to the best of my ability
To keep order in my group at all times
To speak for my patrol and not just for myself
And to do my best
To live up to the clubs trust.

Leadership Positions
As a leader I promise
To do my job to the best of my ability
To take my responsibilities seriously
And to do my best
to live up to the club’s trust.

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