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Homeschool/Family Memberships

Homeschoolers have a reputation for making anything and everything educational and fun, and that is exactly what we believe here at Curiosity Untamed. Written and designed by homeschoolers, Curiosity Untamed knows exactly how to turn anything your child is interested in into a fun and educational badge.

Membership is only $39.99 per year for access to requirements for thousands of possible badges.

The perfect outline for a unit study, our badges combine learning with activity, service, and even career exploration. For each subject, your child will have an opportunity to discover:
Whether you choose to use Curiosity Untamed in a club setting, as part of a homeschool co-op, or just within your own family, our badges and awards will enhance your homeschool experience and help your child develop a lifelong love of learning.

Unlike other programs, our badges are pins or magnets, not patches. There is no sewing required and we can create a badge for anything that piques your interest.

Each badge has a series of requirements for 6 different age levels from preschool to adult so multiple ages can work on the same badge at the same time.. Requirements for older participants spiral back to include requirements at lower levels while adding new and more difficult requirements at each level. In addition to mandatory requirements a list of optional requirements are also listed to allow each participant to customize the badge to their own interests.

In addition to our badges we offer a variety of higher awards on topics such as life skills, outdoor skills, leadership, community service, and more.

Join our forum to connect with other parents and leaders around the country to share ideas and resources. You can also contact us directly anytime you need help or resource ideas through the Contact Us page.

So the only question is, is YOUR curiosity untamed?!

Family/Homeschool Membership

$ 39
per year
  • 1 Username
  • Licensed to all members of a single household for personal use only
  • Access to all badge and award requirements
  • Monthly newsletter with new badges added each month
  • Parent handbook and resources
  • Free printable certificates

Group Membership

(For group enrichment classes)
$ 79
per year
  • 1 Username
  • Licensed for group instruction only. Participants need a family membership for individual access.
  • Access to all badge and award requirements
  • Monthly newsletter with new badges added each month
  • Free printable certificates

Club Membership

(For Scouting Style Clubs)
$ 59
per year
  • Usernames for all volunteers
  • Does not include badge requirements. Individual or family membership must also be purchased
  • Club participants each need their own Individual or Family Membership to access badges
  • Leader Handbook and Resources
  • Monthly newsletter wtih new badges added each month
  • Free printable certificates


No. Our badges are 1/25″ button style pins or magnets.  No sewing required.
No. All badge requirements are online only. We add new badges and resources every month and anything printed would be out of date very quickly.
All ages. Badges are designed for preschoolers through adults with requirements getting more difficult as you age. Whether you are 3 or 103 we have a badge for you.
Yes. Curiosity Untamed is a very flexible program and is designed to work with any program you may already have in place. Just keep in mind that while you can use our badges to supplement current scouting programs, adding a wide variety of badges and awards to your program, other organizations will not allow you to wear our badges and awards on their uniforms. Curiosity Untamed badges and awards may be displayed on a uniform that you design, on tote bags, backpacks, jackets, shadow boxes, magnet boards, etc.
No parent or leader can be an expert on everything their children will want to learn about. You are welcome to take a class and learn the skill yourself first, but don’t be afraid to seek help from your community as well. Let the members of your community share the joy of teaching your children something by offering their own expertise. Just as the kids should be trying to make their community a better place through service, give your community a chance to make the kids better people as well.
With the invention of the Internet, a variety of resources are now literally at your fingertips. Search our blog posts for a collection of articles supporting a wide array of badges. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask! We are always willing to help locate resources that will benefit our members. You can also take advantage of local people and businesses with talents, knowledge, and skills in the area you are looking to teach.
Depending on whether you choose pins or magnets, badges and awards can be displayed on a vest, tote bag, backpack, jacket, bulletin board, shadow box, the fridge, magnet board or any other method you choose.

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