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A Note from the Founder:  Country Blocker: 403 Errors

by Kerry Cordy

My sincere apologies to everyone who has recently registered for Curiosity Untamed only to be locked out.  Turns out the new security software my IT guy put on the websites has been causing all sorts of problems.  Thankfully most seem to have been from a country blocker he put on that blocked anyone outside the U.S..  Since we have members in Europe, Canada, China, Africa, New Zealand and more, this caused quite a few headaches.  I believe we have everything corrected now, but if anyone is still having problems getting locked out of the website, please make sure to contact me and I will fix your account immediately.  Thank you for your patience.

Annual Badge Sale

Every year for the month of January we put our badges on sale.  All pin badges will be $.99 each and magnets will be $1.25 each from January 1-31, 2020.  Now is the time to stock up!  Just keep in mind that we do not accept returns on badges since they are made to order so only order badges you know you will complete.

Name the Hound Contest

Our badge hound has been named!  Meet Badger!

Melissa, Rosemarie, and Vera DeSantis of Frontier Girls Troop 144 out of Pennsburg, PA came up with the winning name.  They came up with “Badger Buff”, but they would call him “Badggie” for short, “his real name would be Badger Buff, because he’s a strong, smart badge sniffing hound!”   Thank you girls for a very fitting name for our mascot.


Badge of the Week

Badge of the Week is back!  We took a few weeks off for the holidays, but have started posting our badge of the week resources again.  Many members requested a calendar of upcoming badges so that they could plan better.  Under the Resources tab of the website there is a link to Badge of the Week that will take you to a calendar where you can see each badge.  During that week we will be posting a resource article with 7-8 activities (roughly 1 per day) to help complete the badge.  While these resources won’t guarantee you will earn the complete badge, they should give even the older levels a good head start.  If you would like to see a specific badge added to the calendar, just send me an email at

Featured badges for January include Carrots, Antiques, Attentiveness, Cooking for Special Diets, and Textiles.


Member of the Month:  Arthur Duke

By Caroline & Sylvia Duke

Arthur Duke, Troop 109 Big Sandy, TX, completed his Gem Award at the adult Level, becoming the first Frontier Boy of Troop 109 to do so!  

For his Make a Difference Award Arthur partnered with the East Texas Patriot Guard Riders to make their Star Appreciation Packets for veterans, first responders and those who otherwise serve their country.  This activity was started for his Eagle Level MADA and has been passed down to other Troop members to coordinate a community service project for their Make a Difference Awards.  Arthur took the lead again to complete his Owl Level MADA.

To earn his Servants’ Hearts Awards Arthur was active in two local Volunteer Fire Departments, having completed Kilgore College Fire Academy and his National Incident Management Systems training.  As part of the Emergency Preparedness badge, he presented a segment on Fire Fighters’ Personal Protective Equipment, so that younger Troop members would know what a fully equipped fire fighter would look like and know not to be afraid of them in an emergency situation.

As an Owl Level member he has been the Patrol Leader for the Frontier Boys of Troop 109 mentoring them and being an example of good character and behavior.

Circumstances dictated earlier Troop meeting times this year and Arthur’s work commitments now make it difficult for him to attend Troop Meetings.  He has achieved his Gem Award despite not being to able to attend regularly with the Troop.  We wish Arthur well in all his future endeavors and welcome him to Troop activities whenever he is able to attend! ☺

Photos:  Arthur with his Gem Award; Arthur teaching Troop 109 about Fire Fighters’ Personal Protective Equipment.



Serving Our Community

by Stephanie Beckford
Both Olivia (level 1, far right) and Samara (level 2,far left) made a difference this year by spreading Christmas joy to our community. With the help of their two brothers, quite a few friends, and the parents, the girls led everyone through shopping, baking, and delivering over the course of a week. Over 20 hours were put into this project, and they paired their make a difference award with the cookie badge, the take the lead badge, and the patience badge.  Over 500 cookies were handed out to 43 homes in our local community.

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