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National Donut Day

Friday June 7 is National Donut Day and a perfect day to work on the Donut Badge. National Donut Day started back in 1938 and was originally a day to raise funds for the Salvation Army and to commemorate the “Donut Lassies,” the women of the Salvation Army who served fresh donuts to the American soldiers in France in order to boost their morale in WWI.

National Donut Day is always on the first Friday of June and many cities still have donut fundraisers for their local Salvation Army. Many donut companies such as Krispie Kreme and Dunkin Donuts offer free or discounted donuts on this day, so visit one near you and get your sugary donut fix!

Dunkin Donuts – buy a beverage and get a free donut

Krispy Kreme – one free donut, no purchase necessary

Walmart – one free glazed donut while supplies last

In addition to the national chains mentioned above, most local donut bakeries will also be participating in some way, so support your local business and drop by for a donut! You can even call ahead and see if you can take a tour and learn how donuts are made.

While munching on your donuts check out this article from Newsweek and find the answers to some fun world records regarding donuts. Who holds the record for:

  • The world’s largest donut?
  • The highest stack of donuts?
  • The longest line of donuts?
  • The biggest box of donuts?
  • The largest mosaic of donuts?
  • Most donuts eaten in 3 minutes?
  • Largest serving of donuts?
  • Speed eating a donut with no hands?

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