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Use Curiosity Untamed as an enrichment program for your school:

World-Driven Badges

Whether public, private, or charter school, Curiosity Untamed can increase student-driven motivation and responsibility through badges. Although not state-standard based, our scouting-like badges can easily be used as-is, or adapted to meet your own requirements. With nine Areas of Discovery, there are literally thousands of badges to choose from, such as World Geography, Light and Shadow, Vikings, Women in Science, Classical Literature, Health and Fitness, and more.

Many badges like Gold Rush and Rocks and Minerals can be taught alongside each other, perfect for cross-content education. Many badges, such as Books, Animals, and Biographies, are customizable, perfect for book or research reports. If we do not have a badge you or a student desire, there is the Badge Writing badge where you can learn to write your own. You can also use our Wishlist to request a badge to be written. As Curiosity Untamed is not a curriculum, you can teach these badges alongside your chosen curriculum or adapted to meet your own state’s standards. 

In Classroom

For educators, Curiosity Untamed can add excitement and challenge to your classroom and to your school. Curiosity Untamed is not a curriculum, but a flexible supplement that can be used in any classroom, from preschool/transitional kindergarten (TK) through high school. Curiosity Untamed can be adapted to be used in general education classes, independent study, Resource Specialist Programs, special education, afterschool programs, and more. As Curiosity Untamed was originally designed for groups with a wide range of ages, the program is ideal for combination classes and multi-classroom buddy activities. 

Curiosity Untamed presents the unique opportunity to teach students subjects, skills, and character traits that may not be found in a traditional classroom, or strengthen the subjects already taught. The scout-like badges can be used as individual unit studies or combined together (for instance, the Origami badge can be taught alongside Japanese Culture, World Geography, or Paper Crafts). These can cover a single day or be used as a theme that may be followed for an entire week, month, or semester. With thousands of badges to choose from, the possibilities are as endless as your students’ interests.

Afterschool Program

Curiosity Untamed can be added to afterschool programs in public, private, and charter schools with ease. The program is easily adaptable to meet your school’s individual needs, providing the opportunity to educate and entertain children of all ages in one group. Rather than presenting a formulaic, strict curriculum, Curiosity Untamed specializes in bringing the wonder of the world to your students with the freedom to personalize it to your current criteria. Curiosity Untamed can bring an afterschool program to life.

Badge Pins / Magnets / Certificates

The optional purchase of badge pins allows students to visually see what they have been learning over the course of the school year. These badge pins can be placed on backpacks, ribbons, clothing, and more. Our magnetic badge pin options mean that badges can even be shown off in lockers or on magnetic whiteboards or other surfaces. Free, printable certificates are also available.

Character Badges

Character badges can increase interest in traits schools may wish to promote in their schools such as Anti-Bullying, Friendship, and Self-Control. If a school is already using a pre-existing program, Quest Clubs can be added on as a supplement with adaptations. With over fifty character badges, students can be guided towards becoming responsible, community-driven citizens.

Membership Options

Group Membership

(For Group Enrichment Activities or Classes)
$ 79
per year
  • 1 User
  • Licensed for group instruction only. Participants need a family membership for individual access.
  • Access to all badge and award requirements
  • Monthly newsletter with new badges added each month
  • Free printable certificates

School/Bulk Memberships

100+ Memberships
Call For Quote
  • User accounts for all students and staff
  • Licensed for both personal and group use
  • Access to all badge and award requirements
  • Leader Handbook and Resources
  • Monthly Newsletter with new badges added each month
  • Free printable certificates

For larger classes or schoolwide memberships, please request a quote through the Contact Us page…

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