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Snow globes can be a fun project not just for Christmas, but for other holidays and events as well.  A Christmas tree with silver glitter works for Christmas, but a leprechaun and green glitter makes a great project for St. Patrick’s Day or a rabbit with pink or purple glitter for Easter.

What you need:

Baby food jar (or small jam jar)
Baby oil
Small toy (miniature snowmen, presents, Christmas trees, penguins) one that will fit in the jar
Hot glue gun
Construction paper

1. Have the children pick out the item they would like to put in their snow globe.
2. Take off lid and put hot glue in the center of the inside of the lid and place the toy on top of the glue.
3.While the glue is drying fit the jar with half water/half baby oil.  Make sure you don’t fill it all the way up to the top so it doesn’t spill out with you place the toy and lid on.
4. Put in a teaspoon of glitter
5. Check and make sure the toy is glued securely on the inside of the lid. If it is then add glue to the inside ring of the lid so it seals well and screw on the lid.
6. Turn over so the jar sits on its lid and SHAKE! The oil helps the glitter fall slowly to the bottom
7. You can trace the lids and cut out circles to glue on the top and hot glue ribbon around the jar lids edge to hide the fact it is a baby food jar.

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