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State: Arkansas and Edible Art Meeting Plan

State Arkansas and Edible Art Plan

by Katie Lundquist of Frontier Girls Troop #159

Requirements Completed: State: AR (#1, 2, 6, 9, 10, 15 – Preschool through Level 3 done) & Edible Art (#4 & 17, plus 11 & 19 depending on how you do it)

Opening Activity – Discuss the Quapaw Indians; play the Hoop & Spear game (State #6. Learn to play a game that teaches or reinforces the history of your state. Butterfly/Level 3  #2. Learn about the history of the people of your state. Where did they come from? How has their religion affected their history? How has their history affected the food and customs of your state?)

Flag Ceremony

Station 1 – State Symbols Matching Game with song playing on laptop and information on the symbolism of the flag (State #9. Find out what your state bird, flower, animal, and song are. #10. Learn about the symbolism of your state flag.)

Station 2 – Map Puzzle (State Penguin/Preschool #1 Locate your state on a map. Which states border yours? Otter/Level 1  #1 What is your state capital? Locate it on a map of your state.)

Station 3 (We actually had 3 identical stations for this, one for each patrol) – Create edible states on sheet cookies (State #15. Learn where the most important natural features or resources are—how have they affected the state’s history? Which parts of the state are more industrial or more rural? Edible Art # 4. Create a piece of edible art for dessert (decorate cupcakes, cookies, cakes, etc.), #11. Learn a technique for decorating with frosting, #17. Create a model of something that is edible such as a sugar cookie map of the US & #19. Help teach younger kids how to create a piece of edible art.)

We used the cookie maps as snack.

We stayed together as a group and did a Living Timeline with 25 events – each girl got a slip of paper with a dated event on it. I called out the dates in random order, one at a time and the girls had to guess where they were on the timeline (a long row of chairs). (State #2 up through Butterfly/Level 3  #1 Draw a timeline for your state. You must list at least 25 major events or people on the timeline and illustrate at least five of them. Share your timeline with at least two people.)

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