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Treasure Chest Ceremony

The treasure chest ceremony was designed for an investiture or advancement ceremony, but could be adapted for award ceremonies as well. The speaker roles can be assigned to multiple members so that they have the opportunity to become comfortable with public speaking.


  • 9 Large gemstones, each in a different color. Large clear plastic gems can be found at most craft stores and you can paint the bottoms with colored nail polishes to get the color stone you wish. Different colored beaded necklaces or other treasures work as well.
  • A treasure chest
  • An American flag and flag stand – if you do not have a full size parade flag, you may use a hand-held flag and a vase or jar as the stand.


  • Place the treasure chest on a table in a prominent area.
  • Give each of the speakers of the nine parts of the code of coduct a different colored jewel. As they recite their lines, have them place their jewel in the treasure chest.

SPEAKER: Welcome to our annual Investiture Ceremony. Please rise for the flag of our country.

Flag Ceremony


  •             Color Guards Attention
  •             Color Guards Advance
  •             Color Guards Halt
  •             Color Guards Honor Your Colors
  •             Color Guards Present the Colors
  •             Will you please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.
  •             Color Guard Post the Colors
  •             Color Guards Dismissed

SPEAKER: Read Heart Gifts, by Helen Steiner Rice

It’s not the things that can be bought
that are life’s riches treasure,
It’s just the little heart gifts
that money cannot measure
A cheerful smile, a friendly word,
A sympathetic nod
Are priceless little treasures
From the storehouse of our God
They are the things that can’t be bought
with silver or with gold,
For thoughtfulness and kindness
and love are never sold
They are the priceless things in life
for which no one can pay,
And the giver finds rich recompense
In giving them away.

SPEAKER: Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.

SPEAKER: The Treasures of life are not set in silver or gold…

SPEAKER: More precious than jewels are the values we hold.

ALL FRONTIER GIRLS: As a member of (_____insert club name)

SPEAKER 1: I will be Loving, treating others as I would like to be treated. – red

SPEAKER 2: I will be Joyful, finding the blessings in every situation. – yellow

SPEAKER 3: I will be Peaceful, respecting others opinions and beliefs. – light blue

SPEAKER 4: I will be Patient, persevering toward my goals despite obstacles. – light green

SPEAKER 5: I will be Kind, respectful to all and willing to help others at all times. – purple

SPEAKER 6: I will be Good, pure in all I do, think, and say. – orange

SPEAKER 7: I will be Faithful to my God and loyal to family, friends, and country. – Dark Blue

SPEAKER 8: I will be Gentle, taking special care of those weaker or less fortunate than I. – Pink

SPEAKER 9: I will have Self Control, using my time, materials and talents wisely, and being accountable for my own actions. – dark green

LEADER: As we enter another year, I ask that each person store the values of our code in their heart just as we store these jewels in our treasure chest.

SPEAKER: Would all members please repeat after me?

As a member of (club name)

I promise to do my best

To follow the code of conduct

Both at our meetings

And in my everyday life.

SPEAKER: The following members are serving as patrol leaders this year (read names and have them come forward) The Patrol Leaders lead a patrol of between 4 to 8 members and are in charge of making sure their patrol is ready for the meeting, completes their chores in a timely manner and that any younger members in the group have a buddy to help them if necessary during crafts or games. Patrol leaders are also responsible for calling the members in their patrol to pass on important updates or information.

Patrol Leaders’ Oath: (have all patrol leaders repeat each line after the speaker)

As a patrol leader, I promise

To lead my patrol to the best of my ability

To keep order in my group at all times

To speak for my patrol and not just for myself

And to do my best

To live up to the club’s trust.

SPEAKER: (Announce the names of the members serving in each leadership position and ask them to come forward. Read the position description as they come forward.)

Leader in Training: The Leader in Training is responsible for making sure meetings start on time. They should have a watch at every meeting and give quiet reminders to the Leader when it is time to start, have snack, etc. They are also responsible for keeping members occupied with songs or games if there is a lull in the meeting and the Leader is busy. Your leader in training should be trained in both the scribe and treasurer positions so that she can fill in if necessary. Finally, the Leader in Training is responsible for calling all patrol leaders with any important updates or information between meetings.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for reporting the current finances of the troop at each Leadership meeting. They should help prepare budgets for all events and activities. The Treasurer is also responsible for logging in all payments to the troop, these may include dues, troop registration, uniform fees, or payments for badges and awards. An adult should always oversee this position to make sure it is done correctly.

Scribe: The Scribe is responsible for taking notes at all meetings when business is discussed.  They are also responsible for logging in all badges and service stars earned.  An adult should always oversee this position to make sure it is done correctly.

Care Coordinator: The Care Coordinator should have cards ready to sign for all special needs (illness, birthday, thanks, etc.) and make sure they reach the intended recipient.

Reporter: The reporter is responsible for writing a club newsletter as well as sending photos and write ups to the local media.  Reporters are also frequently in charge of the club scrapbook or website.

Snack Coordinator: The Snack Coordinator is responsible for creating a snack rotation list and calling to remind members when it is their turn to bring snack. If for some reason a girl cannot bring snack, it is the snack coordinator’s job to find a substitute.


SPEAKER: Would all leadership position holders please repeat after me?

As a leader I promise

To do my job to the best of my ability

To take my responsibilities seriously

And to do my best

to live up to the club’s trust.

Leader Recognition – at this time, recognize any leaders, volunteers, or parents who have made an impact on the club.

Announcements – make any necessary announcements before dismissal.

Closing – Sing a song to end the ceremony such as Make New Friends.           

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