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Water Badge Resources

Working on the Water badge?  Here are some fun ideas to help you on your way.

• Take a field trip to a local Dam, river, lake or ocean.
• Take a virtual field trip to the Floridian Aquifer or the Blue Plains Waste Water Treatment Plant
• Visit the EPA’s website for a variety of lessons, activities and games
interactive games and activities that teach about water
• Visit the Ground Water Foundation’s website for a huge variety of fun and hands on activities.
• Complete the All The Water In The World activity below

All the Water in the World

Materials Needed

  • Five gallon bucket
  • Three clear jars (one labeled freshwater, one groundwater, and one for rivers and lakes.)
  • Tablespoon
  • Eye Dropper
  • Blue food coloring (optional: helps to see the water in the jars)

Fill the five gallon bucket with water. This represents all the water on earth including the oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, groundwater, clouds, ice caps, etc.

Using the tablespoon, transfer 25 tablespoons to the jar labeled freshwater. Of all the water available on our planet, this is all the freshwater we have. The water remaining in the five gallon bucket represents all the salt water on the earth.

Next, transfer 8 tablespoons of water from the freshwater jar to the groundwater jar. Groundwater is all water located in the ground.

Finally, transfer 1/10 of a tablespoon (about 25 drops from the eyedropper) from the fresh water jar and place it in the rivers and lakes jar.

What now remains in the fresh water jar represents the water in our atmosphere and clouds (rain, snow, etc.) as well as the water that is frozen in our polar ice caps and glaciers.
Look at the water in each container. How important do you think it is to protect the small bit of water that we can actually use and drink that is located in the groundwater and lakes and rivers?


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