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What are Mind Puzzles?

If you are working on your Mind Puzzles Badge through either the Frontier Girls or Quest Program or just want to exercise your brain, read on.


What are Mind Puzzles?

What are mind puzzles? The definition of a puzzle is a game to exercise the brain by fitting different pieces together. Sometimes the pieces are physical, but in the case of mind puzzles it is usually information that must be fit together. Explore different types of mind puzzles and learn everything from logic to trivia. Most people are familiar with traditional mind puzzles such crossword puzzles or word searches, but have you ever tried a Hub Word, a Syllacrostic, or Word Ladder? has a variety of different online puzzles you can learn to play.

Find someone you know who likes mind puzzles, what is their favorite type of puzzle and why?

How Can Doing Mind Puzzles Keep You Healthy?

From lowering stress to increasing your IQ there are a variety of benefits to completing mind puzzles. Find out how puzzles can help both kids and adults keep healthy. What are the general benefits for everyone of doing mind puzzles? What about benefits specifically for young kids?  Or for adults (though they apply to all age groups.)


Visit KrazyDad for a huge variety of free printable mazes for all ages from easy one for kids to crazy difficult for adults. How many can you complete?

How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Ever wonder how to solve a Rubik’s Cube? First attempt it on your own, and then visit for step by step instructions. Practice until you can solve it on your own.


Learn the rules of Sudoku and then make a Sudoku puzzle of your own.  Rules for the Sudoku puzzle can be found on .  Visit WikiHow for easy instructions on how to make your own Sudoku puzzle.  How to make your own sudoku puzzle

What Are Rebus Puzzles?

One of my favorite types of mind puzzles is a Rebus puzzle. These puzzles frequently combine words, letters, images and humor for a unique past time.  A wide variety of Rebus puzzles can be found at

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